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Fresh Start Staff Trained in Mass RRP LEAD Certification

At Fresh Start Contracting, we believe strongly in the safety and care of our crews as well as our clients homes we work in. Our staff and crews have participated in hundreds of hours of training in LEAD certification so that they learn the proper methods of renovating a safe space.

Federal law requires all renovation, repair, and painting firms (including sole proprietorship’s) working in housing, or facilities where children are routinely present, built before 1978, to be certified in LEAD safety training. Federal law also requires that a “Certified Renovator” be assigned to each job, and that all involved individuals are trained in the use of lead-safe work practices and must provide lead-safe work practices training to all non-certified renovation workers on a job site.

Contractors working in Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin are authorized to administer their own RRP programs in lieu of the federal program. The Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule establishes requirements for firms and individuals performing renovations to help prevent lead exposure.

To become a Certified Renovator, a person must complete a renovator training course accredited by EPA or an EPA authorized program which will teach you how to work lead safe.

According to the EPA, the LEAD Safety Training focuses the following points:

  • Set up the job site safely
  • Minimize dust on the job
  • Clean up carefully and completely

In addition, the EPA provides a Small Entity Compliance Guide to on “How to Renovate Right” that includes:

  • The certified firm must assign a Certified Renovator to each renovation job it performs.
    • The firm must notify the homeowner or tenants about lead hazards. Download EPA’s lead hazard information pamphlet Renovate Right: Important Lead Hazard Information for Families, Child Care Providers, and Schools (PDF) | en español (PDF) .
      • The firm must document compliance with this requirement; EPA’s pre-renovation disclosure form (PDF)  may be used for this purpose.
    • The certified renovator must perform or direct certain key tasks during the renovation and be present on-site during those key tasks, including while:
      • Signs are being posted before the job;
      • The work area is being contained; and
      • The work area is being cleaned post-renovation.
    • The certified renovator must perform cleaning verification after the job is finished.
  • The certified firm and renovator must make sure that other workers on the renovation job follow lead-safe work practices.
  • The certified firm and renovator must prepare and maintain records.

By following lead-safe work practices, our crews at Fresh Start Contracting are best prepared to prevent lead hazards in client homes.

Give us a call today at 617-833-9202 and let’s talk today about your next home project


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Our Newest Ad in Scout Magazine

We’ve placed our newest add in Scout Magazine, a local lifestyle magazine delivered to over 80,000 homes in Cambridge and Somerville. Keep a look out for the next edition in Cambridge and Somerville mailboxes.

Scout Magazines are also available at select bins, for free, in Cambridge and Somerville neighborhoods.

Fresh Start Scout Ad_March 2016_light

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Project Preview: Shea Renovation

For this project, we transformed the basement suite with a focus on three specific rooms. The scope of this work included turning an unfinished, out-of-level and barely used basement into a functional living, office and family space. We started by working with the Owners on what their vision was and what we could do for them. Next, we brought in an experienced architect to draw up the design. The goal of the renovation was to gain space in this house for this family that was frankly running out of room. You can see the project on our portfolio page.

KenKotchPhoto-FSC-SheaRd_KSK6418 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-SheaRd_KSK6441 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-SheaRd_KSK6402 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-SheaRd_KSK6468

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Project Preview: Tobey Renovation

For this project, we began the renovation by transforming the interior dining room space with new walls, a fresh coat of paint and stylish trim. Additionally, we expanded the footprint of the dining room space by creating new french doors and adding an extension that opens up to a new outdoor deck.  You can see the project on our portfolio page.

KenKotchPhoto-FSC-TobeyRd_KSK5297 FSC-TobeyRd_KSK5393 TobeyRd_KSK5336 FSC-TobeyRd_KSK5410

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Project Preview: Dean Renovation

For the Dean Renovation, the client went for a modernized kitchen with colorful light fixtures, stainless steel finishes, new hardwood floors and a light teal tiled backsplash. We also built an in-home cubbie system for the homeowners children to store clothes, sneakers, jackets and gym bags.  You can see the project on our portfolio page.

KenKotchPhoto-FSC-DeanSt_KSK3278 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-DeanSt_KSK3250 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-DeanSt_KSK3245 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-DeanSt_KSK3239

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Project Preview: Busch Renovation

For the Busch Renovation, the client went for a modernized kitchen look with the addition of shaker cabinets, stainless steel finishes and an island centerpiece that brings all the family together. We also redesigned the bathroom with a stand up shower with multiple shower heads, and an aged wood finish.  You can see the project on our portfolio page.

KenKotchPhoto-FSC-Busch-w-person_KSK8493 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-Busch_KSK8542 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-Busch_KSK8503 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-Busch_KSK8482

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Project Preview: Sherman Renovation

For the Sherman Renovation, the client went for a rustic yet contemporary look for their kitchen and living room split. We also redesigned the bathoom with a custom sink, stand alone bathtub and a stone wall.  You can see the project on our portfolio page.

KenKotchPhoto-FSC-ShermanSt_KSK8837 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-ShermanSt_KSK8881 KenKotchPhoto-FSC-ShermanSt_KSK8975

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Fresh Start Donates to CRLS Scholarship Fund

This week, we attended the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School scholarship ceremony where the school awarded graduating seniors with scholarship checks for their academic and civic excellence. Fresh Start Contracting created a scholarship for students interested in trade careers. Both Fresh Start founders are graduates of Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.


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Project Preview: Ash Renovation

For this project, we used the couples’ silk rugs, some of which were acquired on a shopping trip in Turkey, as a starting point for the color palette in each room. Pops of blue and interesting geometric shapes appear around the house, giving each room a unique personality.

See the entire project on our portfolio page here.

Hammond Design Cambridge_007 Hammond Design Cambridge_009 Hammond Design Cambridge_011 Hammond Design Cambridge_012 Hammond Design Cambridge_013

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Project Preview: Trowbridge Renovation

For the Trowbridge Renvation, the client went for a gut remodel of their aging kitchen.  The customer had custom cabinets built, new Carrera Marble countertops and a full tile backsplash installed. You can see the project on our portfolio page here.

Trowbridge_Kitchen_2 Trowbridge_Kitchen_4

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